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Airbnb Refurbishment in Liverpool

Welcome to The Refurb Experts website, we are one of the leading Refurbishment companies in Liverpool and Merseyside. We undertake a range of different refurbishment and building projects including Airbnb Refurbishment in Liverpool.

If you are looking for a building and refurbishment contractor that you can trust to help refurbish your Airbnb rental property (or any other Liverpool based buy-to-let investment property), we can help you.

We have over 20 years of property refurbishment experience and offer a full and complete property refurbishment service for all clients who are interested in refurbishing their rental properties, whether that be via Airbnb or more traditional longer term AST rentals.

Our team of Liverpool based experts have over 20 years of extensive knowledge and experience in refurbishing property in Liverpool and Merseyside so if you are a landlord with dozens of properties or just starting on your journey as a landlord via Airbnb or otherwise, we can help refurbish your property and provide maintenance services moving forward.

To discuss how we can assist with Airbnb refurbishment in Liverpool call us now on 0151 305 4821, email us at enquiries@refurbexperts.co.uk or send us your details via the form on this page.

A Comprehensive Service Across Liverpool

We offer a comprehensive Airbnb refurbishment service on Airbnb rentals across Liverpool and Merseyside. Our team of experts can help you with the design, build, refurbishment and maintenance of your property, once the project has been successfully completed.   

We work for property investors, landlords, residential and commercial landlords on projects ranging in value from a few hundred pounds to over five hundred thousand pounds. 

Airbnb Refurbishment Example in Liverpool

One of our most recent Airbnb refurbishment projects was in Lorne Street in Liverpool. We helped a client who had purchased a derelict 4-bedroom semi detached property into a high-end Airbnb rental property.

We helped the client transform the property from a derelict shell into an appealing and high-end Airbnb rental property. We removed chimneys, replaced ground joists, fully insulated and re-plastered walls, installed an alarm system, installed new bathrooms and fully integrated modern kitchen, installed period style panelling and skirting boards and totally transformed it.

You can read more about the transformation here.

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To discuss how we can help refurbish your rental property ready for the Airbnb market, or refurbish an existing Airbnb Property in Liverpool then call us today on 0151 305 4821 or email us at enquiries@refurbexperts.co.uk or send an online enquiry via our contact page.